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Year 4 – Van Gogh

A warm welcome to Van Gogh Class.

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Letters and Information





Geography - European Study - Italy

Science and Design Technology - Electricity

MFL - French Day


Art - Printing inspired by Klimt


Design Technology - Healthy Pizzas 


Geography - The UK

We started our unit of work by trying to work out how these pieces fitted together and what they represented... They weren't quite there at the start but they certainly could by the end of the unit! Well done VG class for being able to name the countries, the capital cities and many physical and human features of the UK! 

Music - 'Lean on Me' 

Playing the glockenspiel to accompany the song...

Religious Education - Trip to St John the Baptist Church

The children learned about what happens in a church, the colours of the liturgical year and the Easter story. A huge thank you to Rev Lis Sparrow for giving up her time to teach our children. 

RSE and PSHE - Trip to UWE, Bristol for an Engineering Workshop and Clifton Suspension Bridge



The children learned how Brunel designed the bridge and the story behind his struggle to build it. We were amazed when we walked across it... TWICE! Wow it was high! 

RSE and PSHE - Mental Health Week


Science - Teeth and Digestion



Art - Drawing


Design Technology - Leavers and Linkages

The children designed a story book with an animal as the main character for a Reception/Year 1 age child. Each story had a message. The children considered the language they were using and its appeal as well as learned how to make a lever that would be durable. The jobs were divided among the children and they worked together to publish it. After they had finished they evaluated their books. And finally... they shared them with their users - the Reception/Year 1 children! The children loved them! 

History - Studying The Romans and our Exhibition 

   Archaeology with cookies!

 'Escape from Pompeii' 

Religious Education - Diwali Dance Workshop

The children retold the story of Rama and Sita through dance. 

Science - Sound, Musical Instrument 

Home Learning - How you can support your child 





 Learn the weekly spellings: 



Practise times tables up to 12x12: Times Tables Rockstars and Hit the Button

Complete the weekly maths activity:


Home Projects

 Take part in the termly projects:


Science and Foundation Subjects Knowledge Organisers

Read through and discuss the vocabulary:

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