Willowdown Primary



Wellbeing Coach

We have a Wellbeing Coach here at Willowdown. Mr. Barnett teaches yoga to all the children from 2 years old to 11 years old. Mr. Barnett helps the children learn learn to relax and self-regulate through DDP Yoga, Yoga through story and breathing exercises. Our children often use the breathing exercises when they are feeling worried or upset. Children in the Nursery have great balance and coordination through the yoga sessions which help them understand their own body.

Mr. Barnett helps people who have found it hard to keep themselves safe online by coding sessions which are used as a chance to discuss how to keep safe online whilst they learn how to code. He also runs group and individual guitar lessons to support our children's mental health and teach them to shine at playing an instrument. We have some great guitarists now, who also have better self-confidence and the ability to regulate their emotions too.