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Week 3

Note from Miss Jones.....


I hope everyone is keeping well during this time. Below is a powerpoint that I will upload everyday with work for the children to complete. Links are included as well as some voice notes from me to explain to the children what I expect. If you are having trouble access this or it is not working for you in this format, please contact the school email or ring the office and I will get back to you with a solution. 


Thank you, 

Miss Jones

Monday 20th April

Tuesday 21st April

Wednesday 22nd April

Friday 24th April


To keep up to date with the Maths that the school is using, please complete the final session of the week. The link is below- it is Week 1 Lesson 5. 

I've also included a SPaG activity the children could complete to keep up to date with what we would have been doing in class. 


Thank you,

Miss Jones 

SPaG mats