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Solar Club - (after school club)

 Welcome to SOLAR CLUB.


Dear Parents & Pupils,


Welcome back to a new and exciting year at Willowdown Primary School. I hope you’ve had a wonderful summer holiday. With a new year, comes new opportunities and I would like to take this one to introduce myself. I’m Mr. Kyran Devitt and I’m the new after school club leader.


Why the name Solar Club? As you may know, each one of our classes is named after a planet that appears within the solar system. Tied in with our visions and values at Willowdown we work together as a community to create happy children, successful learners and confident individuals. With this in mind we feel that Solar Club is an ideal opportunity to bring many different staff members and children together to enjoy their time outside the classroom and tied in with the class names Solar Club represents many different individuals being brought together as one.


Solar Club runs every day after school from 3:20pm – 6pm in the school hall. Each day we try to get the children engaged with a wide range of games and activities. In the last week we have done some feed back sheets about what the children like and what they would like to try in the coming weeks that they attend Solar Club. Our main aim is trying to get children from all different age groups of the school to come together to get active and have the most enjoyable experience possible. We feel that Solar Club is still a great opportunity to learn, develop and gain new skills.


There are three different types of Solar Club sessions - full, part and late programmes. 

  • The full programme cost £8 per session, and runs from 3.206.00pm, which includes light tea & drink.
  •  The part and late programmes cost £5 per session. The part programme runs from 3.205.00pm, and the late programme from 4.15 – 6pm.


Parents are asked to come to the school hall to collect children, via the staff entrance. We are hoping to get an intercom system or mobile phone set up to aid the pick-up.


If you have any questions about Solar Club or would like to have a chat about what we are trying to do with the club please do not hesitate to come in and have a chat and I will do my best to answer any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Booking forms can be found at school reception or on the website. There is now a separate form for Solar Club and Breakfast Club.

Many thanks.


Mr. Kyran Devitt

After School Club Leader.