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Phonics at Willowdown

Phonics at Willowdown 


Here at Willowdown, to teach our children to read and write, we follow the phonics scheme Letters and Sounds. This is also supported by our use of Jolly Phonics sounds, actions and rhymes too.


Our phonics sessions are made fun and interactive, providing children with a concrete experience which enables them to easily learn the basic sounds and then progress onto the more complex sounds. We have chosen to teach Letters and sounds with aspects of Jolly Phonics to enable our children to become secure, independent high-level readers and to help them to be able to record their thoughts and feelings using phonetically (and more often than not accurate) plausible spellings when they write.


When children move into Key Stage Two they begin to focus more on rules of spelling and start to have homework based more around spelling. Spellings and their rules are taught on a daily basis to ensure that our children have a good grounding in speaking, understanding and writing the English language.


Across the school we operate a system of Guided Reading, which aims to teach more advanced reading skills to our children as they progress through the school. These reading skills include inference and deduction (what is meant and not always said), as well as understanding the author's purpose for writing the book. By the time our children will leave us they will be proficient in reading. 


If you would like more information about Letters and Sounds please click on the link below, or pop in and have a chat with our EYFS and KS1 teachers.