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Below is a link to a range of great interactive phonics games that will encourage your children to practice sounding and blending. 

These phonics games are only recommended for the children currently completing phonics interventions in school. These children know who they are and should complete these in order to continue the great progress they have made so far. 

Individual phonics session will be uploaded for children that are receiving sessions by the end of this week. 

The login for Phonics Play is free and is  March20   and password is home. 

When selecting a game, I recommend that they focus on phase 3,4 or 5, and select Revise all phase to start the game. 

The Dancing Bear worksheets that you have been completing at home will also be uploaded by the end of the week for you to continue.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school and they will pass the message on to me. I will try to contact you back as soon as possible.


Thank you, 

Miss Jones 

Individual Phonics Sheets- A How to use guide


These phonics sheets are called Precision Teach and your child has been using them in school to improve their phonetical knowledge which they then apply in reading and writing. They have made great progress with them this year, and we wish for this to continue. Below are individual sheets for you to use with your child, they are very simple and should be easily recognisable to the child.


First, have a very brief recap of each sound (there are 4 sounds on each assessment). 


Next, using a 1 minute timer, the children must go through the grid, make note of any incorrect sounds.


Once the 1 minute timer is up, in the bottom of the grid write 1 minute and the score out of 48 they got. 


Do this every day, in order to see progress in their learning. If they get all of them correct everyday then they should be able to apply this knowledge in reading and writing- test them with a few words that have the sound in. 


I will upload a new individual assessment for each child every week, only move on if you feel they are confident in the sounds and sight words. 


Thank you for your co-operation and support, 


Miss Jones