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This week, the children will be learning about 2D shapes. Attached below is a powerpoint on shapes. Once you child has completed this powerpoint, go on a shape hunt around the house. Encourage you child to group each object. Discuss whether it is in fact a 2D shape or 3D shape. Highlight that 2D shapes are flat and 3D shapes are solid. You can take a picture of their learning or encourage the children to write the objects in each group on a piece of paper. 


Additionally you could: 

. Choose your child's favourite toy, draw on different paper a range of 2D shapes. Encourage them to close their eyes and move the small figure onto or next to a shape. Encourage your child to discuss where the toy is. (This also develops the child prepositions for example using next to, in between, on top, behind ect). 


. Go outside and draw shapes in the garden with chalk, or draw/paint shapes on paper. additionally you could make play doh at home and encourage your children to create shapes. 


Learning intention : i can identify 2D Shapes by name and can discuss their properties. 

.i can make links to shapes within my environment. 

. i can identify a semi circle, rhombus (not a diamond), hexagon and pentagon.  

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