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Hello from Ro O’Reilly– your Head teacher

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For the past four years I have had the exciting opportunity to lead Willowdown as it continues to grow and transform and what a positive journey this has been! I am fully committed to working with our community to make Willowdown the very best place to learn, grow and achieve.

Leading Willowdown is an absolute joy; the school excites me because the children here are friendly, approachable, polite and well-behaved. When pupils are struggling here with any issues the staff and pupils work with parents to make it better, keeping pupil wellbeing at the centre of every decision made.

I believe strongly in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of all pupils and staff in order to ensure the school family is successful and thrives. This is not a quick fix for our most vulnerable pupils and I always ask for patience and understanding for a struggling pupil because their behaviour tells me we need to work hard to help him or her feel safe and happy enough to learn.

I have very high standards and expectations for myself and my team. Every pupil at Willowdown deserves to achieve well and I will ensure this happens. In order to achieve this, I need the support of all our families. I expect you to raise any concerns you have about your child, and to help make sure they have high levels of attendance and are ready to learn.

I hope you take the time to explore our website. If you have any questions, please do get in contact. I assure you I am a very open, honest, down-to-earth leader, so I am happy to talk with you.

Ro O’Reilly

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Willowdown Nursery

Willowdown Nursery opened at the beginning of September 2014. Our aim is to help to develop happy children, successful learners and confident individuals within Bridgwater.

Currently we have places for 24 children and there will be more places available as the Nursery grows. Our structure offers a variety of sessional and full day care options to suit most parental childcare needs (with a max of 10 hours per day). The Nursery opens between 7am and 6pm, catering for children from two years of age until school age.

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Our school plays an active role in the Bridgwater community, by supporting families and working with other local organisations to provide a truly outstanding learning experience. The school's aim is to develop resilient children and successful learners so that they can move along their learning pathway as happy and confident individuals.

We have a fantastic staff and leadership team who work together to ensure that pupils are equipped for a successful future. Our pupils gain competence in basic skills, understand the wider world through a curriculum which ignites curiosity and builds upon life experience. Pupils are supported to develop aspiration, interests, knowledge and understanding across all curriculum subjects. We put a great emphasis on experiential learning, layered from Nursery to Year 6. Our curriculum, based around opportunities to build upon an understanding of emotions, relationships and social skills, helps pupils develop a robust character; allowing them to enjoy a successful future.

Willowdown Primary works in partnership with parents and carers to provide the best education for our pupils. Each family has the support of all staff, plus extra support available from our Parent and Family Support Advisor and Inclusion Team if needed. Whenever we can, we will offer information and support with home learning, parenting and online safety, plus much, much more!

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Clevedon Learning Trust

As a Trust we understand the value of a school-led education system and our role in partnerships with other schools. Our principles are based on our collective responsibility to children in ours and the wider community. The Trust was formed with a shared vision to provide and support high-quality inclusive education that is student-focused and achieves excellent outcomes. The Clevedon Learning Trust is able to provide an inspiring and coherent education from age 4 to age 18.

Clevedon Learning Trust

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