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Handwriting at Willowdown

Willowdown Primary School Pen Licence Guidance

  • Children in KS2 can earn a Willowdown Pen Licence.
  • They MUST meet the criteria over a minimum period of three weeks, before being awarded the licence.
  • A handwriting certificate and a handwriting pen will be awarded in class.
  • The pen becomes the property of the pupil and if they lose it, they will have to write in pencil.
  • The licence will be reviewed each term (Autumn, Spring and Summer) to ensure that good quality handwriting expectations are maintained.
  • The licence can be revoked, if handwriting and presentation becomes untidy and/or scruffy and the original criteria are no longer met.

Criteria for earning a Pen Licence:

  • Letters are correctly formed, writing is neat and it is consistently joined.
  • Letters are the correct size in relation to one another.
  • Capital and lower case letters are not confused.
  • Writing is correctly placed on the line with clear ascenders and descenders.
  • Writing is consistent across all lessons and pieces of work.
  • Very few mistakes are made, and if they are, they are crossed through with a ruled line.