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This week in English, we have been making bread using a recipe from the past. We had to listen and follow instructions carefully, in order to make some great hedgehog rolls. 

Acting out a bakery scene (English)

In English, we have been looking at the Great Fire of London and how people might act inside a bakery. We pretended to mix, bake, serve and drive to places that may need bakery goods. We had lots of fun and laughter whilst doing this. Some possible stars in the making! (15/11/2021)

In Design and Technology, we have been making Gingerbread Man sliders, where the characters can chase the Gingerbread Man. We were working on our cutting skills and drawing a straight line with a ruler. (08/11/2021)

Halloween Banana

This week we made instructions for how to make a spooky banana, using coconut, chocolate drops, lollipop sticks and bananas. The children had lots of fun making them and even more fun eating them! (18/10/2021)