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20/4/20 Home learning 


Here is this weeks home learning, each day i will upload new work.  Remember to have breaks between lesson and encourage your child to choose an activity a day they would like to do with you. This could be playing with Lego, ask them plenty of questions this will support their learning.  You could ask why are you building a house? what shapes are you using? What would happen if i removed this wall? How many walls have you got? Why does a house need wall? These questions will cover all topic (Maths, understanding of the world, imagination, literacy). 



Imagine that you have just walked into your kitchen to find this. Choose:

  • Role play the conversation you might have with the octopus.
  • Role play the telephone call you might have with a friend or family member to tell them what you have found.
  • You can only ask 3 questions to the octopus. What would you ask and why?
  • You decide to let the octopus stay here, but the next morning you come into your kitchen to find it joined by another creature. What might it be?
  • The telephone rings. It is the RSCPA and they are concerned: they have had reports from a neighbour that you are keeping sea life in your kitchen sink. What do you say?
  • Try to persuade the octopus to leave. Then try to persuade it to stay. Which was easiest? Why?



  • How did the octopus get here?
  • Why is it wearing a hat?
  • Is it speaking your language? Do you understand what it’s saying?
  • Where did the plants come from?



Write a caption about what you can see? How did he get in there? 


Challenge: Write a diary entry, you woke up one morning and found the octopus in your sink. what happened? did you help him/her get home? How?


Listen to the story of Rainbow Fish. Answer the questions below about the story or challenge yourself to write the answers down. 

The Rainbow Fish read by Ernest Borgnine

The Rainbow Fish is written and illustrated by Marcus Pfister and read by Ernest Borgnine. The Rainbow Fish is an award-winning book about a beautiful fish w...

Where did Rainbow Fish live? 

Who are the characters in the story? 

Why was he the most beautiful fish in the ocean? 

Why did everyone want to have one of his scales? 

What did his fish scales look like? 

which fishes asked for a shiny scale? 

How did Rainbow Fish feel when the blue fish asked for a scale? 

Why did Rainbow fish change his mind about sharing the scales? 

What happened at the end of the story? 


The Deep Sea!


Discuss the illustration:

.What can you see? 

.Where do you think she might be?

.How did she get here?

& What will happen next? 


Writing activity: Can you write a caption about what you can see? for example: a girl is in the ocean playing with an octopus. 


Challenge: Can you write about how she got there and what will happen to her next? 


The lost penguin

Bedtime stories with Miss Oliver and Emilia




. Where is the boy? 

. Is he in the aquarium? or is he in a submarine?

.which creatures can you see in this picture?How many can you name?

.Do you think they are friendly animals? What might they eat? tell me about their habitat.

. How might the boy be feeling? How do you know?

Why is there no one else around?  


written activity:

Pretend to be the child in the picture.. Can you write about your adventures?

what can you see?

How did you feel? 

Where is he and how did he get there? 


Challenge: give the character a name, discuss, describe and record what they boys looks like. 


There's A dragon in your book !


Dream Big


  • What do you think is happening here?
  • Why is the title ‘Dream Big’?
  • Is the girl touching the stars? Did she draw the constellation?
  • Is the animal beside her a dog? A wolf? Something else?
  • Why are they standing on piles of books?
  • Does this picture have a message? What could it be?


Written activity: 

Imagine you looked up into the nights sky, what would you like to see in the sky? Record what you saw and describe what it looked like. 


Challenge:  if you could ask the little girl a question what would you ask her? 

for example can you only see aquatic animals? Have a go at writing your question, remember to use full stops, capital letters and a question mark. (we have learnt these in class already). 

The Snail and the Whale

In this video I am reading The Snail and the Whale it is a fantastic book by Julia Donaldson. If you would like to see more videos like this one please subsc...

How to Draw Sharks

Lydia shows you how to draw a shark. There's a shark which helps chase off Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len in What the Ladybird Heard at the Seaside by Julia Donald...

Have a go at drawing the shark.

Can you tell me about your shark?

what is his name?

where does he live?

what does he eat? (predator or prey)

Is he friendly or is he mean?


Now colour in your shark and make him/her look beautiful.