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Pancake Day!!!

Chocolate Derek comes for a visit....


On Thursday 6th February, the children spent the day with Derek a master chocolatier who taught them all there is to know about chocolate. The children had a fantastic time with Derek, learning all about the Mayan Indians and how the first discovered and used the cocoa bean. Derek tested the children knowledge through the morning, and the children were impressed with how many facts they had remembered. In the afternoon, Derek set them a team work challenge. The children had to create a chocolate themed pizza, using sweets the children created different picture on their pizzas to represent their learning. Derek then challenged them to write their team name in chocolate across their pizzas. Overall, the children had a fantastic time, learning all about Derek's job and lots of new facts that they will be including in their writing. Below are some pictures of them and the fun they had..... 

Recreating Stonehenge!