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Banksy Weekly News

w/c Monday 19th October 

We have had an extremely busy week in Banksy Class this week and it is only Wednesday! We have been writing to inform through newspaper reports. We investigated the different features of newspapers, which include captions, headline and the orientation. We will be learning how to include these features in our own reports based around out current Viking topic. In Science, we have been exploring electricity. We planned and then investigated whether the length of the wires would have an impact on the brightness of a bulb or the noise of a buzzer. We had interesting results and discussed why they may have differed across the class. In addition, we discussed the difference between a series and a parallel circuit, before applying that thinking to try and create some examples of our own. In PSHE, we explored growth mindset and thought about how we could promote growth mindset in class. We have continued reading Skellig, after thoroughly enjoying Viking Boy and Kensuke's Kingdom. We can't wait to read more in Year 6! See the photos below of our science lesson in action! Have a fantastic half term. 



w/c Monday 28th September


In English, we have continued to read Viking Boy. We have used to book to help us write chracterisations, relative clauses, engaging dialogues and action openers for our stories.  In SPAG, we have used prefixes, explored the different noun types and have been looking at word classes, focussing on adjectives. In maths, we have been learning how to multiply numbers in different ways. We represented the calculations with place value counters, before answering reasoning and problem solving questions. As part of our British Values day, we enjoyed learning about the 5 values.


Individual Liberty

Mutual Respect

Tolerance of other races, religions, cultures and faiths

Rule of law



We have been studying the features of the face and were set the challenge of sketching them accurately in our sketchbooks. They look amazing. 

W/C Monday 21st September 

Banksy Class have been working extremely hard this week, working on the four operations and the inverse in Maths. In English, we looked at ways to be descriptive and wrote a setting description for a Viking settlement. We tried to think carefully about what you would find in one and gathered detailed vocabulary and ideas to help with our writing. We investigated the proportions of the face in Art and made amazing progress with this task and have started to add detail to the face to make them look more interesting. We looked at the incredible portraits completed by Monica Lee and Paul Cadden. In PE, we completed two lessons of Real PE and we are enjoying the games that we have to play that help us to develop our agility, balance and coordination. 


We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our new Head Girl and Boy and we wish Hudson and Gracie the best of luck in their new roles. 

w/c 14th September

In maths, we have been using place value charts to investigate numbers to 10 million. We partitioned them, represented them in different ways and verbally explained our thinking. In PSHE, we talked about the difference between mental and physical health and why both are so important. We identified regular exercise, positive relationships, a balanced diet and good sleep as key elements to well-rounded physical and mental health. We have completed a number of assessments this week so Mr McKechan can find out what we know and what we still need to learn. We have continued reading Viking boy and are looking forward to finding out how Gunnar makes the journey to the Land of Ice and Fire. 

W/C 8th September 2020

We were all absolutely thrilled to be back at school and to see all of our friends. We enjoyed learning about the place value of numbers and have started to compare and order numbers to 10 million. In English, we were set the challenge of showing Mr McKechan how well we can write a range of sentence types linked to to a video about a brave girl that lives in the Highlands and goes on a journey to save her family. We were introduced to our topic for this term, which is about Vikings and is called Raiders and Invaders. On Friday, we had our Viking day. We dressed as Vikings, explored and made our own Viking weapons, identified a range of questions we want to answer across the topic, read about Grettir the Strong and much more. Did you know that there were warriors known as berserkers, who were particularly aggressive,  didn't wear any armour and were believed to have superior strength similar to that of a God? We hope you like the photos.