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A letter from your teacher with learning activities

Dear Parents and Carers,


It is such a shame that we have to close but we do understand that it is for the best. However, please be assured that your children are still very important to us and we want to provide them with some positive learning experiences whilst they are at home with you. Your role is very important in your child's education so if you can follow the plan that I have put together for the next couple of weeks, you will be helping them to continue their educational journey. 


Suggested timings/guidance:

Complete some Maths and English during the morning as children generally work best at this time. Spend a maximum of an hour on each subject. It is important that the children have regular breaks between completing school work.


Begin the maths lesson with some multiplication tables - choose only one at a time and spend 10 to 15 minutes on this - chanting in the multiples forwards/back and then go to to TT Rockstars to put it into practice, then complete a maths worksheet (fluency worksheet/reasoning activity). The maths is revision of the key skills your child should have as well as some reasoning activities; if your child feels that they are able to complete the key skills (PDF worksheets), please do go straight for the reasoning activities (word docs). There is no need to do them all.


For English, you could start with a little spelling (15 mins) and then the grammar work/complete part of the reading comprehension. I have added some guidance as to what an expanded noun phrase is as well as help with direct speech. The reading comprehension has three levels: must, should and depth so choose your level of challenge wisely! The questions during week 1 and the word work and extension activities in week 2. Week 1 spelling follows the powerpoint. I have uploaded the Y3/4 word list for Week 2. Ask your child to choose ten words they are unsure of spelling and practise them during the week, following the powerpoint activities from the previous week. Share a book as often as possible!


Please do not feel that you have to print out any worksheets unless you wish to. You can simply sit with your child, they can record the answers on paper and then check the answer docs/discuss answers with you. The worksheets are BELOW. 


I have found some useful sites for you to share with your child, particularly some fun activities to fill your afternoons. Remember to stay active and eat well. 


I will be in touch with further work and support, if required.


Warmest wishes for a productive and safe time,


Mrs Joanna Lewis



Week 1 

Maths: Fractions catch up and Reasoning Activities

English: Spelling, Grammar Activities and Reading Comprehension

Week 2 

Maths: Place Value, Addition and Subtraction revision including Reasoning Activities

English: Spelling and Grammar Activities