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A letter from your teacher with activities

 In case of a closure, please find below attached documents to support children's learning during this time.  The initial document, i have printed and it has been given to all children in preparation for this day.  The children have also been provided with worksheets, please encourage the children to do this independently.   Additional home work set does not need to be printed, please encourage your children to record their answers on paper. 


This half term, we have been learning about Aquatic animals,  As part of their home learning, we would like them to create an aquatic animals fact booklet, this can include drawings of the animals we have learnt about and facts they have learnt about the animal.  So far we have learnt about sharks, octopi, squids, deep sea animals (blob fish, dragon fish and giant squids). 


Next half term, We will be studying the Antarctic and the animals that live their. in order to prepare the children for this learning. Please read stories around this topic, look at Antartica on a map and learn facts about penguins, polar bears and artic foxes. 



Home learning pack

Numberblocks 2D shapes

EYFS Target - Name 2D shapes and discuss their properties

Numberblocks 2D shapes

I Can Count To Twenty Song | Numberblocks

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Numberblocks - Counting to 20

Numberblocks - All the Sums | Learn to Add and Subtract

EYFS goal - Add numbers together

Numberblocks - Double Numbers | Learn to Count

EYFS - Children must be able to double and halve

Phonics - How to Pronounce 'igh' | Alphablocks | Learn to Read | Wizz Learning

EYFS - Identify all their sounds and apply this within their writing

Alphablocks - Word Magic "C-URE" (Yellow Level Step 11)

As seen on CBeebies! Watch Alphablocks full episodes on BBC iPlayer: For more phonics learning videos subscribe: ...

Alphablocks Series 3 - Fair

EYFS goal - recognise sounds and apply into writing.