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Willowdown Primary School

Happy Children, Successful Learners, Confident Individuals

A Big Welcome from Nursery

Welcome to Willowdown Nursery


Willowdown Nursery opened at the beginning of September 2014.  Our aim is to help to develop happy children, successful learners and confident individuals within Bridgwater. 


Currently we have places for 24 children and there will be more places available as the Nursery grows. Our structure offers a variety of sessional and full day care options to suit most parental childcare needs (with a max of 10 hours per day).  The Nursery  opens between 7am and 6pm,  catering for children from two years of age until school age.


Our children are encouraged to learn to share, work and play with others to become independent by encouraging them to think for themselves. They learn to express their feelings and feel good about themselves to boost self-esteem, confidence and well-being. We assign one staff member to have specific responsibility for your child’s progress and well-being.  We will work together to support your children and your family as a whole to ensure a smooth transition into and experience of Willowdown Nursery. 


We want the children to have the opportunity to develop a love of learning, so that when they move up to their Primary school, they are able to achieve their full potential. The Nursery delivers the Early Years Foundation Stage to all children providing a wealth of experiences across the seven areas of learning to meet their individual needs.