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Parent Family Support Advisor - PFSA

My name is Angie Wilson and I am the parent Family Support Adviser here at Willowdown Primary School. Some of you will already know me through my work as one of Willowdowns HLTA's. I have worked here since 2017.

As you can imagine I have seen lots of changes and been part of the transformation over the last few years. I am extremely proud of where we are today and am excited to see how the school continues to progress.

I was born in Plymouth and this is where I had my first experience working in a primary school when I was 17! After I moved to Exeter and started working in Early years for around 20 years before moving to primary in 2013. I managed wrap around care in my local primary and then volunteered in an outstanding school. This is where my passion was ignited. I knew I wanted to improve children's lives how ever I could. When I moved to Somerset in 2016 I enjoyed a year as a 1:1 and applied for the role as HLTA here at Willowdown in 2017. All this happened around my studies and having 5 children! I have 2 boys and three girls and now a wonderful grandson. Through my 26yrs being a parent, I have gained an immense amount of experience which has brought me to where I am today. 

Through my studies I have achieved many qualifications but my parenting experiences have given me a deeper understanding of how amazingly challenging bringing up children and supporting young adults can be. That's why I am here today. Through my role as PFSA and Mental Health First Aider, I hope I can be part of helping our Willowdown community come together, which in turn, will create a supportive spiral around our children and parents. 

Please do stop me and say hello or drop into the office and ask for a phone call if you need support.  

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