Willowdown Primary



Every child at Willowdown deserves to learn in a way which ignites curiosity, builds knowledge and skills and leads to great mastery of every subject. This can only be done through a well-planned, carefully constructed programme of learning.

From the child's point of view, learning should be relevant, engaging and challenging. It should begin with his / her own life experiences, gradually building to an understanding of themselves, their family and locality, the wider locality and the rest of the world and its place in the universe!

It is our job at Willowdown to inspire children with a curiosity about every subject we teach, so that children want to find out more for themselves.

Time is needed for deeper understanding and because of this our Curriculum Experiences are designed to study fewer subjects in more depth. We intend to make learning memorable over your child's time here at Willowdown so that skills and expertise are strong by the time he / she starts secondary school, where we hope curiosity and good research and study skills will continue seamlessly.

Staff have developed a bespoke enhanced curriculum for Willowdown. Below you will find the outline of learning for each subject, plus a curriculum map for each year group. The Intent document below outlines how a Willowdown Master in each subject area will present when they reach the end of Year 6. The Implementation document below is very important because we need to make sure that behind the National Curriculum year group outlines, we are steadily growing some key skills and concepts from Nursery right up through to Year 6. We are already seeing the impact of our redesigned curriculum in terms of children's levels of engagement, parents being more involved in learning and school life, as well as raised outcomes in the children's books. Please take a look at your child's class page to find out more about learning for that year group.