Willowdown Primary


Buddy's Blog

Hi, I'm Buddy, Willowdown's School Dog. I am currently in training at the school and will work with children from September 2020. Please check here for regular pupdates.

Hello everyone,

I have settled into my new home in Mrs Rainey's Office. All of the children have been quiet in the heart area, which has helped me focus on my training and ensures I have lots of sleep.

Sunday was my first puppy training session and I really enjoyed meeting the other puppies. 

More 'Pupdates' to follow!


Mrs Rainey took me to the beach and I met lots of new dogs. I was such a good boy that Mrs Rainey let me walk off the lead. I didn't like the water as it was a bit cold.

Mrs Rainey takes me to puppy classes on Sundays. This Sunday I graduated and had a special party. I now start a new puppy class.