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Willowdown Primary Academy

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Who's Who

Our team at Willowdown Primary Academy

This is our dedicated team that we have at Willowdown Primary Academy.

This page will show you who is who and what their responsibilities are within the school.

Leadership team

Leadership team 1 Mrs Lindsay Gabriel - Executive Principal
Leadership team 2 Mr Oliver Priestley - Head of School
Leadership team 3 Mrs Anita Curtis - Assistant Head/EYFS&KS1 Lead
Leadership team 4 Mr Venn - Assistant Head/ KS2 Lead
Leadership team 5 Pam Rodger - Business Manager
Leadership team 6 Cat Griffiths - Nursery Manager
Leadership team 7 Claire Rainey - Inclusion Officer

Site Manager

Site Manager 1 Martin Brooksbank

Nursery class team

Nursery class team 1 Cat Griffiths (Nursery manager)
Nursery class team 2 Andrea Beech (Deputy Nursery Manager)
Nursery class team 3 Shanice Ball (Nursery Educator)
Nursery class team 4 Jo McPhail (Nursery assistant)
Nursery class team 5 Hannah Pegler (Nursery apprentice)

Mercury (Reception) class team

Mercury (Reception) class team  1 Mrs Anita Curtis (Class teacher/EYFS Lead)
Mercury (Reception) class team  2 Miss Kayleigh Thompson (HLTA)
Mercury (Reception) class team  3 Miss Billie-Jo Hughes ( Early Years Apprentice)
Mercury (Reception) class team  4 Miss Coco Faun (Learning Support Assistant)

Venus (Year one) class team

Venus (Year one) class team 1 Miss Abbey Saunter (Class Teacher)
Venus (Year one) class team 2 Miss Márta Csikos-Házi (Teaching Assistant)
Venus (Year one) class team 3 Miss Krystal Pope (Teaching Apprentice)

Mars (Year two) class team

Mars (Year two) class team 1 Miss Amy Baker (Class teacher)
Mars (Year two) class team 2 Miss Gemma Clarke (Learning support assistant)
Mars (Year two) class team 3 Miss Coco Faun (Learning support assistant)
Mars (Year two) class team 4 Miss Becky Parsons (Learning support assistant)

Jupiter (Year three) class team

Jupiter (Year three) class team 1 Miss Hannah Massey (Class teacher)
Jupiter (Year three) class team 2 Miss Mary-Jane Raines (Learning support assistant)

Saturn (Year four/five) class team

Saturn (Year four/five) class team 1 Mrs Claire Rainey (Class teacher)
Saturn (Year four/five) class team 2 Mrs Rowena Mudge (HLTA)
Saturn (Year four/five) class team 3 Miss Liz Crookes (Learning support assistant)

Neptune (Year six) class team

Neptune (Year six) class team 1 Mr Andrew Venn (Class teacher)
Neptune (Year six) class team 2 Mrs Caron Anderson (HLTA)

Lunch supervisors

Lunch supervisors 1 Mrs Jenny Carter
Lunch supervisors 2 Mrs Janet Stacey
Lunch supervisors 3 Mrs Becky Parsons
Lunch supervisors 4 Miss Liz Crookes

School miracle workers (cleaners)

School miracle workers (cleaners) 1 Janet Stacey
School miracle workers (cleaners) 2 Leanne Bryant
School miracle workers (cleaners) 3 Sam Stacey

School council members

School council members 1 Ellie (Year one)
School council members 2 Hudson (Year one)
School council members 3 Jorja (Reception)
School council members 4 Harley-James (Reception)

School Prefects

School Prefects 1 Becky (Year five)
School Prefects 2 Eltjo (Year five)
School Prefects 3 Velvet (Year five)

Play leaders

Play leaders 1 Sophie (Year four)
Play leaders 2 Presley (Year four)

Assembly monitors

Assembly monitors 1 Anthony (Year four)

Office angels

Office angels 1 Brooke (Year five)
Office angels 2 Charlie (Year five)

Digi leaders

Digi leaders 1 TBC
Digi leaders 2 TBC