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What will we be getting up to?

How do we make living her better for everyone?


This is our theme question this term!

We started by thinking about how we could make living here better for everyone, and each child had some very thoughtful suggestions.


Through our theme this term we will be looking at our local area, and the changes in our local area. We will also be writing a persuasive letter considering changes we think would make our local area 'better'


We will learn about the world, continents of the world, oceans of the world and physical and geographical features.



This term we will be reading a great Roald Dahl classic... MATILDA!!


We will be exploring the book, doing lots of drama, writing in role as specific characters and finally writing a news paper report, reporting on an event in the book. We will also watch the film and compare it to the book.


This is a super book and we are going to explore it as a class together so if you can refrain from reading it at home and watching the film that would be great - It will be nice for us to all discover it at the same time and be able to do lots of prediction work :)




Through maths we will be learning about 2d and 3d shapes. We will be describing properties of the shapes and then go onto look at measuring shape and giving the perimeter and area of shapes.


Our final outcome will be making Robots out of 3D shapes we will make.