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What will we be getting up to?

How do we see? How do we hear?


This is our theme question this term!

We started by thinking about what we already know about how we see and how we hear. We also created questions that we would like to find out during the topic, including why do people have to wear glasses?


Through our theme we will be looking at how we are able to see, including how light creates shadows and reflections. We will also be doing some work with mirrors, and will create our own tests and investigations. 


We will also learn about how we hear and complete experiments on how we see and feel the vibrations of sound. Alongside this we will be learning about body percussion and how people who are deaf are still able to take part in music. 



Through the Tunnel.


This term we will be looking at Anthony Browne's story Through the Tunnel.


We will be exploring the book, predicting what we think will be happening, enquiring about elements of the story and summarising the journey of the characters. We will then rewrite our own versions of the story, taking part in the journey through the tunnel.




Place Value

In maths we will be learning about the place value of numbers. We will be looking at various numbers in 10s,100s and 1000s and working out the place value of each number. We will also be practising writing number in digits as well as words.