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What will we be getting up to?

The Romans.

This term we will be looking at the Roman invasion of Britain. We are now a Roman Army, with Miss Jones as our Empress and Miss Clarke and Miss Lush are the advisors. We will be looking at how and when the Roman's invaded Britain, important people from the Roman Era and how to be a member of the Roman Army.


 We will also be making Roman shields and performing different manoeuvres with our shields similar to that of the Romans. 

The Green Bronze Mirror ​​​​.

This term in English we will be looking at The Green Bronze Mirror by Lynne Ellison. We will be writing diary entries as if we were in the story and what we experienced. Through the story we will be learning key vocabulary related to the Roman Era, and using this in our writing. 


Multiplication and Division. 

We will also be looking at Multiplication and Division through the 11 and 12 times table. Our key words this term are Commutativity and Inverse, which the children will be practising throughout. We will also be looking at creating arrays to show our understand of the times tables and how they change.


Commutativity- is the idea that it does not matter the order of the numbers in the multiplication, they will still be equal. E.G 2X4=8 and 4X2=8.