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What is coming up?

Term Five  -  Summer One

This year is just flying bye!

We have a very busy term ahead of us! - complete with our year two challenge papers (these will begin on Tuesday 2nd May, children will be completing the challenges over the first and third weeks of May - they will include two reading booklets, a reasoning paper, arithmetic and a spelling challenge). We will also be completing writing challenges to put all of our skills into action! - These challenges are nothing to worry about and will help inform teaching assessments in relation to the end of key stage one. If you have any questions please see Mrs Underwood or any member of the Mars Class team.


Maths - we are continuing our work on estimation. Then exploring efficient ways to solve division and multiplication problems. We will continually be looking to develop our reasoning skills in relation to mastery, number knowledge and increasing number fluency.


English - we are kicking of the term with 'Where the wild things are' - we will be learning how to write detail character descriptions using expanded noun phrases and how these help effect a story. We will then be exploring a range of non-fiction books to help us create our own non-chronological report  about nocturnal animals. We will be linking this closely to our theme where we will be exploring animals, their habitats and their life cycles.


Theme - This term we are focusing on science. Our topic is called 'What makes us like other animals?' We will be completing bug hunts and creating habitats based on research and observations from our surroundings. We will be exploring humans and the similarities to other animals - looking at what we need to survive and how our environment impacts us.

We are planning to visit Noah's Ark Zoo Farm to help with this topic. More information will follow when dates/prices are confirmed.


PE will take place on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Please make sure complete PE kits are in school.

As always, our door is always open before and after school - If you have any queries or would like to discuss anything to do with your child, come on in :)

Term Four! - the lead up to Easter!

Wow, I cannot believe I am already filling you guys in as to what is coming up in term four! Where is this year going?


We are continuing swimming every Monday morning. Please make sure swimming kits are in every Monday morning - the bus is leaving at 9am sharp, giving us two half hour swimming slots.


English -- we are going to be reading David Walliams Midnight Gang! We know the children love this book and are hoping the high quality text will continue to support our writing development and use of adventurous vocabulary. We will be using the text to write non-chronological reports, character descriptions, wanted posters, crime files and creating our own videoed news reports.


Maths - We will be kicking starting the term with money - exploring the values of coins and notes whilst calculating change and matching needed amounts. Then we will have a look at time, were we will be learning to tell the time to the nearest five minutes. We will round off the term by revisiting any tricky areas in preparation for SATs.


Theme - this is going to be music and art based. We will be exploring different artisitci methods including sketching and making collages. We will also be exploring musical terms like timbre and texture. We will end the term by performing and ensemble.


Make sure you check out our facebook group to see more learning as it happens!

Hi everybody! We hope you had a fabulous Christmas holiday and are ready for the new term.

We have lots more exciting learning opportunities in store this term.


PE - We are going swimming on Monday mornings. Please ensure kits are ready to go and complete with a named towel :). The bus leaves school at 9am and returns at 11am.

Mr Bath will continue to teach PE on Wednesdays.


Maths - we are working towards being able to solve one and two step word problems using division and multiplication. We will kick start the term revisiting patterns in numbers, then looking at arrays, sharing and recalling number facts. We are going to be learning lots of different pictorial and concrete methods to help us solve more complex problems.


English - We are going to be learning about Mrs Armitage's Wheels by Quentin Blake. We are going to be using lots of expression in our writing adding exclamation marks, question marks and commas to give suspense and detail to our writing. We are also focusing on adverbs and adjectives to help us accurately describe characters and settings. Our biggest SPaG element will be using inverted commas accurately to show speech as well as continue to learn our spelling rules.


Theme - Our whole theme is based on Mrs Armitage - linking very closely to English allowing us to go into greater depth. This theme is based on DT and by the end of the term we will have designed, made a prototype chassis, tested and then created of a new vehicle for Mrs Armitage. We will begin by looking at and testing everyday materials, observing their properties and how they can or cannot be changed. We will be exploring how to use DT tools safely to create a product.


On Friday 13th January we are having a science dome visit school! We will be having a slot to explore the movement of plants and how it effects day and night.


Continuing on from the positive feedback for last term, homework will be sent out on Friday - this will have 8 selections. Over the next 7 weeks 6 of these will need to be completed.

Hi everyone and welcome back to term 2! The term the takes us from Halloween to Christmas.


As a whole school there is a massive handwriting drive - we will be practicing letter formation daily and using our cursive handwriting effectively.


PE is going to continue being on a Monday and Wednesday - please check kits are named no


Maths - we start off by continuing our addition and subtraction loop. We are focusing on being able to add and subtract two 2 digit numbers mentally and by using written methods like the empty number line. Then we will be exploring and creating graphs to collect and display data.


English - we kick start the term by looking into Somerset myths and legends. We will be getting to know some legends, retelling them and creating our own. We will need to be able to identify key features of legends to be able to successfully create our own Willowdown Legends.


Theme - this links closely to our English work and is called 'Pride in Place.' We will be looking in to the historical events that led to the fire of London - including significant people like Samuel Pepys. We will also spend time looking into plants highlighting how, where and why they grow.


In ICT we are continuing to develop our typing and coding skills. We will be starting off by looking into the importance of E-safety and the types of technology we have access to.


As always feel free to come in and discuss anything before or after school. Don't forget parent's evening is on the 15th and 16th November. smiley

Hello and welcome back! smiley We hope you have had an enjoyable summer break and you're ready to get stuck back into school as year twos! We cannot wait to kick start our topic - can you remember what it is going to be? It is going to be an exciting term! smiley


This term we are going to be learning skills to help become more resilient and independent learners. In Maths  we will be demonstrating our understanding of place value then looking into elements of measure.  We will continue practice our recall of number facts so make sure you practice the story of 20 booklets. English will link very closely to our theme. We will be exploring a non-fiction text called "What happens to your food?" We will be using technical vocabulary to create an information leaflet to help explain the digestive system!

Our theme is "Party Planners." We will beginning by researching to find out what makes a good party. We will test materials to find out what we can make the best party hat out off. As our end product the children will be planning and carrying out their very own mad hatters tea party! Look out for your invitation to celebrate all of their hard work.


PE will be on Monday and Wednesday. Please make sure kits are in school :)


Don't hesitate to come on in and have a chat to any of us about your child and their learning. no