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Termly news

Autumn 2018 - Welcome back to school!

In Maths

We are learning about numbers to 10, We are learning to count amounts to 10, write numbers from 0 to 10 numerically as well as in words. We are thinking about 1 more and 1 less, so that we can find numbers on a numberline using < > and = as well as learning to order numbers using 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Later in the term we will be using +, - in a number sentence using the part, part whole model to help visualise this using concrete objects and pictures


In English

Our focus book this term is The Enormous Turnip.

We have already been looking at different vegetables and writing adjectives to describe them; we will be using those to create a simple poem.

We will be making vegetable soup and writing our own instructions to make it before looking at The Enormous Turnip story, which we will act out and retell in our writing.


Our theme this term is: Toys and Our Bodies We will be learning about how toys have changed since Victorian times and comparing these to toys of today as well as playing and inventing games outdoors and indoors. We are hoping to play with some old toys and games. If you have any old toys we could share/ show the class please bring them in!

In science we are looking at our bodies, naming our main body parts, thinking about senses and keeping healthy.

Summer is here!


Lets hope that the sun starts to shine soon!


This half term we are studying Pets and what makes them like us.

We have been looking at minibeasts and have been on a minibeast hunt, studied millipedes, snails, woodlice, beetles, centipedes and slugs. We made our own bug homes and have hung them up ready to see if any bugs take up residence!

We are hatching our very own ladybirds in school and are watching them develop before releasing them.

In Maths we are thinking about multiplication and division, in particular counting in 10s, 5s and 2s. as well as fractions and numbers all the way up to 100.


In English we are going to be writing our own instruction leaflet on how to build  a home for a bug, looking at the story "The Tadpole's Promise" and writing our own shape poems about animals.


In art we are going to be making our own clay minibeasts and in computing use the internet to research facts and information and make some graphs about animals.


We also have a BIG focus on phonics, If you have time practice reading your "special friends" in words and READ READ lots. 


We will be sending home details on how to log onto Espresso Phonics to keep practicing at home!



We have a raffle prize each week, where children get raffle tickets for reading at home, and are in with a chance of winning a prize!!

It's Spring Term!!


This term we are learning all about vehicles and methods of transport. We will be learning about when and how different modes of transport were invented and comparing them to the transport we use now. 

We will be looking at what parts make a car and how to make our own using wheel and axles!


We will be studying the art work of Ruth Piper and Kandinsky and painting our own.


In English we are learning the story of "The papaya that spoke" and retelling it with puppets and then writing and innovating it.


In Maths we are looking at numbers up to 20. What makes 20 ? Can I add and subtract teen numbers and then thinking about numbers up to 50!


We are still focusing on our sounds, learning phonics; reading and writing them. Please keep practicing these at home!


and most importantly of all DON'T forget to keep reading at home!!

What will we be getting up to?


Term one

What will we be up to in Venus  class?
The holidays are over, and the start of term is here... I hope you're as excited as we are to get stuck into this brand new year! We have already had so much fun together, now let's try and double it this year, with fun and games and more to learn, see you on the 6th with a great big cheeeeer!


Welcome to Venus class!

This half term we are thinking about parties!  We will be thinking about how we make food for parties. As scientists we will be thinking about different materials and what can be made from them.

In English we are reading and retelling the story of the Magic Porridge Pot and learning the magic words to make it stop cooking!

In Maths we are thinking about counting, we will count different objects, count numbers up to 100 and learn where they go on a number line. We are also going to looking at shape and pictograms!


We are also learning new phonics this year with RWI to help us with our reading and writing! You can find out more about FRED talk on the Read Write Inc website here


Every weekend one of us will be taking home our class panda. We hope you let him join in doing things with you at the weekend and write his diary with him to share with the rest of the class on Monday! He's very excited!