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Termly News

Welcome to year five!

The first week has been amazing! We have been blow away with the effort and behaviour that the children have demonstrated this week. What an amazing start to the academic year. 


This term we have some main focus points to work on in order to enhance our skills and lvels of enquiry. In maths we kick start off the term with place value. Here we shall be exploring roman numerals, rounding, value of digits and negative numbers. Among every topic children will be exploring varied fluency, problem solving and reasoning. This is to ensure that during topics we are learning different approaches and mastering topics in order to solve real life problems. Maths homework will be sent home every Friday. Children have a maths booklet that last one half term and will be expected to complete one piece every week. 


In English, we started with our novel 'Charlotte Sometimes.' Through the use of the story the children will be developing their emotive language and descriptive skills. We will be using the novel to explore the history of WW1, noting how life was for children living in 1914. We will also be focusing on the use of UKS2 punctuation, including ellipsis, colons, semi-colons and dashes. Spelling will go home every week in preparation for weekly spelling checks. 


Additionally, we are hoping to build a positive reading culture, where children's love of reading is evident which in turn will help develop comprehension skills like inference and deduction. We will be reading and story telling daily as well as sharing our preference about book genres or features that we come across. The children are expected to read at home too, we will be encouraging them to record which page they have got up to.

If you have any old books at home that you would like to donate to our class library please drop them in!


This terms theme is embedded around WW1. We have started this by researching key participates and investigating the reason as to why the war started. The children will be developing their research skills throughout the term. We will be completing and evaluating science experiments which will help our understanding of somethings that occurred during the war. We shall be exploring what life was like (for the soldiers children and those at home); life in the trenches and exploring key dates and events throughout the war.                                                                                                                                                                                   If you have any queries, concerns or would like a chat please come and see us.                         Many thanks,                                                                                                                                         Mrs Amy Underwood