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Phase 3 phonics

Phase 3 phonics sounds

On this page you will find:

  • Phase 3 sounds
  • Phase 3 sounds in words
  • How to say/pronounce phase 3 sounds
  • Phase 3 printable and downloadable resources for you to use at home

These are the phonics sounds that we learnt mid way through reception

Sounds as they are written Sounds as they are in words
j jam, jelly, jig
v van, vixen, vat
w wig, win, what
x box, fox, fix
y yap, yell, yellow
z, zz zebra, zip, fizz
qu quid, quit, queen
ch church, chick, chin
sh ship, sheet, shark
th thick, thorn, throne
ng bang, ring, sling
ai rain, pail, faint
ee leek, seen, feet
igh night, tight, sight
oa goat, boat, moan
oo (long) moon, soon, boot
oo (short) cook, look, book
ar card, yard, cart
or fork, cork, short
ur burger, fur, burn
ow frown, cow, down
oi coin, soil, boil
ear hear, beard, near
air hair, fair, chair
ure pure, manure, cure
er water, fern, person


Please press play on the video link below to see how to pronounce these sounds: 

Phase 3 Phonics sounds and how to say them

Phase 3 resources