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Y4 Curriculum Overview

World War 2....

This term we have been studying World War 2. We focused on the evacuation of children during the Second World War and create plays that told the story of evacuation.

We also looked at the start of the war and why it happened, famous figures that were involved with the War, and the effects it had on Britian for example rationing and The Blitz.

During this term we also visited the local library to find out more about the Second World War aswell as find some interesting stories to read. 

At the end of the term we had a visitor called Frank come in to tell us all about his experiences as a child during the Second World War.


Finally, we create an assembly based on the evacuation process and we sang Vera Lynn's 'We'll Meet Again'. The whole school loved it!

Our Class Assembly!

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The children did an incredible job pulling together this play in which they showed what happened to children in the Second World War.
The Jupiter Class Team were very proud of their performance!

Part 2.mp4

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During the 3rd term we studied the Roman invasion of Britain, looking at historical figures, the dates and how the invasion happened and we also became Roman Soldiers within our class.

We were an army that marched everywhere, and had special commands that would be order by our Empress Miss Jones. 

We had a fantastic time creating our own shields, learning about important facts and figures and completing our own march out on the playground!

Roman Day!

Roman Day! 1
Roman Day! 2
Roman Day! 3
Roman Day! 4

Roman March

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Here the children are marching with their Roman Shields under the order of Miss Jones.