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Our Learning this Term

World War 1 and the Norman Conquest

Our topic this term is the change brought about by war. During Autumn 1 we will focussing on World War 1. It has been 100 years since the war ended and we will be learning about the reasons the war was fought, key events during the war and the impact both on the front line and at home. Our literacy work will also be based around the book ‘Charlotte Sometimes’, which is set during this war.

Many families have links with this topic; if you have any information or photographs which would be of interest to the class please bring a copy into school to share with the class. We will also be visiting Fleet Air Museum and a separate letter will be sent out with details.

The Norman Conquest will be the basis of our learning during Autumn 2. We will be learning about Motte and Bailey Castles, where castles should be placed for defensive and logistical reasons and the change that were brought as a result of the Norman Conquest.