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We shall be continuing the journey of the EYFS curriculum that your child started in Nursery and pre-school settings. You are a valuable part of that curriculum and we welcome your input.

Below are each of the areas of the EYFS where we have included the end-of-year Early Learning Goals that all the children are working towards. Every child makes progress at their own pace and as such you may find that your child is working towards, achieving or even exceeding this target. Any evidence (writing, photos, drawings or even your descriptions) that you provide us with is valuable evidence of what your child can achieve and we will add it into their Learning Journal and/or celebrate by adding to your child's WONDER WALL. If you are at all concerned about your child's progress please do come in and speak to us.  ​


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Helpful hints for Parents on EYFS

Helpful hints for Parents on EYFS 1
Helpful hints for Parents on EYFS 2